America is one of the most religious countries, and it makes me uncomfortable. I hate wondering who's religious, will they judge me without even knowing me? What brought this whole idea up to the surface was watching the Olympic games today. There was an American girl in the gymnastics who I was watching and rooting for. She ended up winning the Olympic gold, and I was so happy for her. But then she was interviewed and she proclaimed that it was her trust in God that she received these blessings. It made me wonder if she too was among those that fight against my human rights. Another thing that's got this whole thing going on in my mind is all the publicity with Chick-fil-a, and how adamant they are that the LGBTQ community is the scum of the earth. In both cases, religion is the perpetuator of this hate. The truth is it's hard for the LGBTQ community knowing there are people in this country actively protesting against out human rights. It creates a psychological problem, for me at least, and I think a lot of times it's downplayed. The fact is there are beliefs out there that we as a community are inhuman and a disgrace to "all that is holy". From personal experience, this has a huge impact on my self-worth, whether or not I admit it. It's so prevalent that it's even a belief shared by almost an entire party in our Government, the Republicans. When a presidential candidate himself (Romney) shares these beliefs as well, it's a very astounding issue. That a possible leader of the country that I live in, hates me without even knowing me, and will proactively pursue our demise and oppression. It is a HUGE issue in this country, HUGE. It affects SO many people, and just because we're a minority does not make it any less significant. I was raised catholic, and this too makes it difficult for me to accept and love who I am. Even though I don't identify myself as catholic, it still lingers in the teachings I was forced to accept growing up. Going to catholic school was in one word hell, and really that's all I feel like saying about it, otherwise I'd ramble on and on. I am currently having many identity issues, whether or not I'm gay or bi, but also with gender identity. I wonder, how do you guys deal with this influence? It is almost omnipotent in our society, and like my mom says things have gotten better, but the truth is, it's still not enough. What are your thoughts?
"The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." - Albert Einstein