I am not a big fan of Obama care because of how it is funned creates unintended consequences by taxing “Cadillac plans”, as a result many companies no longer offer Cadillac plans. In Obama’s defense I will say that it was another politician that put this section in, Obama actually talked negatively about this inauguration….


If Obama Care goes though (and it very likely will) they can no longer disqualify based on pre-existing condition.

“Individuals with pre-existing conditions who have been uninsured for at least six months can buy coverage under new “Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plans.” These plans are available for the same price that healthy people would pay, and they don’t have any exclusions or waiting periods for pre-existing condition coverage.”
This part goes into effect this year. It sounds to me like they are setting your expectations incorrectly so you don't apply... Were you will cost them so much money they will try to get you to never apply, since they can't deny you.

“Insurers will be prohibited from rescinding (retroactively canceling) insurance policies due to a person forgetting to mention a past medical treatment or condition. This abusive practice has left people uninsured when they needed coverage the most, even though they followed the rules and paid their premiums on time.” http://www.standupforhealthcare.org/lear...CFYQGRQodxigAKQ

In other words you can lie about it, get insurance, and they can’t cancel you…
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