Everything I have seen on the EX-GAY movement is that it is bad. I believe the “Ex-Gay” movement preys on the prejudice against gays while also creating those prejudices. They help to create the problem, and money off it at the same time. I really fell for those who want to change their sexuality but their appears to be no magic pill or treatment to change that.

It’s like taking a bunch of blacks and teaching all the negative "stereo types" about blacks so he will want to become white and then handing him some makeup. Next thing you know they start wearing white makeup like Michael Jackson, but they are still black. A lot of blacks would have wanted to be white when decimation was at its’ high; you could have made yourself rich if white people believed it worked even if it was just white markup and a lot of self hate to create the desire to take the time to put on the make up every morning. Similarly “Ex-Gay” treatment provides a lot of self hate to create a reason to hide it and therapy is like makeup so you can say your better to those that knew you were black.

Somewhere I read that the Same Sex Attraction never goes away even with treatment… Some residual attraction still remains. Ex-Gay = Gay with enough gay hatred to hide who you are.
�Your only limit within reason, is the one that you set up in your own mind.� Napoleon Hill, The Law of Success, 1925.