1; How did your partner tell you of his CSA?
It was about 8 months of dating. I don't remember the context perfectly of the initial disclosure, but I remember it being somewhat casual. Still "new" and electric, I guess I didn't know enough to take major pause at his telling me. Now, it feels like a pebble in the pond. Fast forward a couple of months, we were on our way to his family when he dropped quite casually that his abuser would be at the function.

2; Did you suspect there was something wrong?
He was always a bit "peculiar" I guess, but I tend to be drawn to the intriguing types. Fun loving, exciting, helpful, kind. His charisma definitely compensated for the emotional distance. As it was time for the emotional component of the relationship to kick in, his distancing started. A lot of "self-care/soothing" seemed to start - long baths/showers, major investment in hobbies, fantasy movies/books, etc. I felt like I didn't exist.

3; Did he immediately start a program of recovery?
HELLLL no. smile I was in therapy for "generalized anxiety" at the time we met. I continued going, and was open and honest. He was supportive. I invited him when we started to have problems a couple years into moving in together. It went ok, but the finger always came back at me. Looking back, I wonder if he hoped this would help me "get off his back" emotionally. A couple other approaches to symptom management failed for him, and now he is in counseling for treatment of a different issue. :-\