Also, Deep Sounding, the Ayres victim who runs the Ayres blog, agrees with this assessment as to why the San Mateo DA has deliberately dragged its feet, and done subpar work on the case and why they don't want a conviction:

. Also many juvenile cases for which punitive measures were based on evaluation by the child molester will need judicial review and potential recompense. Very costly even if there are NO lawsuits.
Also it would be embarrassing to local politicians like Rich Gordon and Jim Fox, as well as local judges, social workers and prominent area physicians who long ago had established associations with the molester. They now find themselves in the same position that many of the Penn State officials found themselves in... Trying to decide between protecting reputation and protecting children, and choosing poor

For those who are following the Ayres saga, I strongly recommend that you check in to the Ayres blog.

The families of the victims who pooled their money and hired a PT to tail Ayres last year in a desperate last ditch effort to prove that Ayres was competent to stand trial, are feeling very vindicated by the doctors' ruling that Ayres is competent to stand trial.

The victims and their families are well aware that the San Mateo DA will deliberately try to drag this case out ( while telling the public they want to try Ayres) so as not to try the case.

The families of the victims are actively working to get justice. They know they won't get it from the San Mateo DA, but they will get it.

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