Hi BuffaloCO,
welcome to male survivor!
Many of us have occasionally struggles with our spirits. Healing is journey that sometimes looks like one step forward and two back. Sometimes reading some hurtful stories can be triggering, please think how to find tempo that suites you best in your healing avoiding negative impacts. Many of us are very sensitive and we have to look for ourselves occasionally.
Here is notice "Your First Steps to Get Help" for new members, please read it, maybe it would be helpful:
Be aware that we are offered some additional tools here, like regular chat, moderated chats called Healing circle - it is kind of group work. Please consider sometimes to check it and see if it suites you. And there is a list of good books: http://www.malesurvivor.org/bookstore.html
and articles:
Beside that please look further for answers and share as much as possible; isolation is something that hurts us a lot so try to connect to brothers survivors smile
Healing is possible!
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