@boy, Glad some of this was helpful. I actually know myself just how difficult recognizing the full extent of the damage done by abuse is, indeed I assumed for quite a long while that I didn't need to do anything about it or seak assistance because I remembered what had happened. Congrats on taking that step, and also on beginning to deal with it by being here. It's not an easy path, but one you deserve credit for starting down.

Oh lee, despite being a philosophy student I don't think the grieks got everything right at all. I particularly love Plato's idea that sinse men were better at women in everything! including housework, cooking, looking after children and all traditional female tasks, their shouldn't be any gender descrimination sinse women should be allowed to be universally bad at everything, rather than only be specifically bad at a few things laugh.

I just had Oedipus in mind as a Percell Aria I learnt recently was from his oedipus Oppereta.