wow Brian. Your perspective is surprising given you status as a Member of the Male Survivor organization, an entity that works to help the community expose and heal from institutionalized predatory practices against children. I wonder if you would indulge me by giving your viewpoints on these questions:
1) Would you not agree that Paterno set the tone for all key decisions regarding Sandusky as evidenced by the procedural 180 by the Spanier administration that was documented in emails subsequent to high level discussions with Paterno about Mike McQeary's revelations? If not how else do you rationalize the university's sudden reversal on the matter?
2) Would you not agree that Paterno was in fact the most powerful leader on campus as evidenced by his stubborn refusal to retire in 2004 after the AD and other university officials asked him to step down? The anecdote is JoePa threw them out of his house. Who throws their own boss out of a meeting and keeps his job unless he is in fact the true power broker?
3)Finally, would you not conclude that a perfunctory reporting of the Sandusky case to Penn Sate administration was, in fact, a hollow gesture that did not fulfill any duty but to absolve himself of immediate blame?
You ave given a broad based rationale for why the rudiments of reporting abuse are enough but I truly want to become educated about why these specific actions are not reprehensible.