Ah, got it. I read your PM and have replied, you summed it up well thanks.

While there are "commonalities" in abuse recovery, to include all survivors of male abuse as being "similar" is a gross over-simplification of the issues of ASA. Therapists and supporters need new concepts, new exercises and new processes to interact with the contention of adult male abuse recovery concerns. Male child abuse recovery is separated from female child abuse recovery, although they both share recovery techniques, they are not mutually connected or exclusive, each is unique in presentation, in context and in results. Nevertheless, a female sexual abuse therapist it has been witnessed may not be well equipped to correctly identify the needs and therapy for a male survivor, and so too for those who wish to provide therapy and support for adult males of sexual abuse. Each abuse survivor will react differently, few like to be labelled or categorized, so to put male adult sexual abuse recovery issues in the context of any other form of abuse recovery feels like a marginalization of the issues.

I am concerned, however, that a locked or private forum may be missed by those abused as adults coming here to find relief. Since the inception of this forum many more have joined and found this because of it's public position. Secondly, MaleSurvivor as a site has no restrictions for male survivors, any male survivor can go into any public forum, and member's can go into public and member's forums at will, and as long as the guidelines are followed, they can post or reply. Creating such a place for this topic may require substantial reorganization, and the potential missed opportunities may outweigh the benefits.

Please read my reply and perhaps we can come to some conclusions that would be beneficial,

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