Okay here is what happened...
Wed. morning I had a new kind of "flashback". Always before my memories have come in a form like I am watching myself on a movie screen. It is me in the movie but I am outside of it watching it happen.
Wed. morning I was living the movie! It totally freaked me out. I didn't go to work and stayed locked in my house for two days afterwards. I went out today only to see my therapist.
I could actually feel him (my abuser)penetrate me, touch me, I could feel his breath on my face and smell the beer he'd been drinking. It was so intense. I was sick to my stomache afterwards and threw up several times. Today I am still shaking all over, unable to concentrate, and super Hyper vigilent (sp?).
Today I am still feeling this tingling in my arms and hands and especialy my fingers.
My therapist says this is fairly common ...
Have any of you had a "flashback" like this or felt the tingling in your arms or hands afterwards?
Also my therapist refered me to a Psychiatrist to get some anti-anxiety meds. I hope they help but I also hope they wont stop my progress in healing and getting all this out!
Any ideas, comments, etc. would me greatly appreciated! I feel like I'm going crazy here!

Peace to all and I hope you are all well!