In November 2010, my boss came into my office acting weird. I think he was trying to find out whether I am gay or not. He started talking to me and then ended his sentence with a punctuated version of the word "closet". For example:

Everything seems to be OK today unless of course your... CLOSET!!!!

This wasn't the exact wording but it does represent the manner in which he was talking to me. He did this twice. I didn't respond, I just stared at him blankly.

Afterwards he just sat down and began talking to me, I really didn't think anything of it...until I stood up. He was sitting in his chair with the tongue of belt hanging out. I looked at him and he was stroking it like he was jerking off. While doing this he raised his eyebrows several times while giving me a sheepish grin. I just looked at him weirdly and blew it off.

Because of my previous abuse, it eventually got to me. In March 2011, I spoke to a counselor about it. All this time I was still speaking to my boss but feeling a little weird.
My counselor said I should have said something but I didn't.

In the fall of 2011, after a coworker told me that my boss had been pestering a female worker for a date, and then that lady said she would report him if he didn't stop, I said something to a coworker in passing...This person promptly told the rest of the office.

My boss knows that I've said this and has been careful when talking to me. My question is what should I do? I don't want any drama, I just want to be left alone. I think he's doing that now that he knows I've said something, but I feel like I should get my ducks in a row in case something happens.

Can anyone give me advice on this? Is there a statute of limitations? What actions should I take?

Please help.