For what it's worth, your feelings and struggles sound pretty common for many of us. Really! Bonus is you've actually your family's support, something many of us haven't had. It may not lessen your anxiety much, but there 'tis.

Specifics? Obviously you can Google online support groups similar to MS.

When you're ready I'd encourage you to seek out an LGBT "coming out" support group in your area - back to Google again! - if there is one. (Obviously ONT, BC and QUE are loaded with 'em if you're lucky enuf to live there). Dealing with real, flesh-and-blood humans who are/have walked a mile in your shoes is remarkably freeing. You might even wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

Scary as that step might feel, well, you've already done something similar by being here. And let us know what you do...or even if you do nothing.