I used to keep my appearance conservative and clean cut because of my career after the Marine Corps...then after three decades l disclosed and stopped getting regular cuts. But l was never uncomfortable in the chair or any triggers.
Seems now l care less and my personal hygiene is not what it was before disclosure.
I don't look shaggy but its longer and l even have a pretty big tatoo on my left forearm..a survivor tat.
The bathroom and shower is a heavy trigger. Unrecognized before disclosure l alway had anxiety and took fast showers..anyone who lived with me noticed it. But some of the torture happened in the bathtub. l know am aware of the connection.
Thankfully here in Hawaii l have an outdoor shower with a wonderful view ot the volcano thru the tropical jungle and it is soothing.

Last haircut was over at one of my Bush Vet brothers home..he's a PTSD'ed combat Marine...and we all were drinking late having midnight target practice and lifting weights..four of us..and Imentioned l needed a cut so out came the clippers and soon all of us had shaved heads. Funny the next day all of us had white heads from no sun tan.
I always said good thing we don't have a tatoo gun!!
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