its a delicate line and thanks for opening the line of communication. i guess something needs to occur because matthews post sums it up forme too. ive been coming here for months and i see guys view but rarely post. and then there are a few guys with csa issues that come here and i think they are trying to seek something that theyre not getting or not getting enough of from the ten plus forums with sub threads and topics and they pick fights or say they "had no idea" and then we feel as adult survivors a tad more on the defense. it makes a circular loop in which people feel less apt to post... we are men and experienced fairly recent trauma, violent more likely than not, and i cant speak for others but when i send concerns to Modteam, i never get a reply even on acute things so... i dont know. we really need to have this be a place for us. if we constantly have to re explain csa v asa it makes it a serious distraction bordering on detriment for betterment of asa matters.

does that make sense
Once you hear the details of victory, it is hard to distinguish it from a defeat.