Hey Mathew,
I'm not sure was that about new post at all good idea but I'll try to explain why I wrote it.
It seems to me that some people are easily forgotten and they are talking only and exclusively by its perspective and by doing so obviously hurting some of you guys here making your free space at this forum for ASA men even smaller.
I'm sure that some folks are not aware of their actions and maybe written information would be more easily understood for them.
Secondly some of ASA people have for sometime been moved to let say kind of underground at MS, they are felt forgotten, unheard and at the end prohibited to talk openly about some their issues (I'm not familiar with specific history but this what I said are facts).
So if we would like to make more than clear what is all this about and what you brothers need in this forum; and it is obvious that officially framework is set from beginning (and you guys are still hurt by talks about issues that are not directly connected to ASA problematic) it seems to me good idea to put list of instructions for good behavior for people who are posting here? This is just my thinking aloud.
I mean there are regular talks in some posts about these issues in ASA forum but at MS there is some dynamics, new people are coming and some mistakes could be repeating purely because it is not "clear enough" that this is space for themes related to your problems guys? And why not to write your wishes how others should behave in this forum with goal to make you feel more accepted here?
Above all this, it seems to me that many survivors (all: ASA and CSA) are let say "stubborn" sometimes (very lightly said) and very difficult to handle bunch of people so it might be needed more than explicitly to give instructions of desirable behavior in try to change this culture of not caring and not tolerating others.
I'm not sure does all this what I said have sense but you guys have my full support.
I will certainly try in future to look for themes and articles that could be interesting for ASA men and post it here.
Be well!
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