The point is why should we have to set up a specific thread, in the ASA FORUM, to pertain to ASA needs and healing, when the ASA Forum is supposed to be doing that?

I do feel VERY isolated here MUCH of thet time. It is part of why I post so sporadically and rarely.

I also feel this same isolation in chat, which is why I am not in chat very often.

I come in and read. I rarely post.

I do not begrudge ANYONE the need for healing.
Abuse is abuse. Yes.
Rape is rape. Yes.

But the ASA forum should be (at least how I perceive the forum's intent) for discussing issues associated with ADULT sexual assault and rape.

For folks who have experienced both, I would hope that they would discuss their CSA issues in CSA-geared folders, and their ASA issues in the ASA geared folder.

I am not trying to insult, offend, belittle, or upset anyone.

But this is how I feel.


Adapt. Overcome. Survive.