Hey guys, it really hurts seeing you (ASA brothers) in kind of isolation here, that really makes me sad.
Would be helpful that you make new thread like this: instructions for people posting in ASA or something like that?
And maybe write "non official" sort of guidelines for all of us here to act in desirable manner?
You could write there all what is on your mind, for example:
we don't want term CSA to be mentioned under this forum there are other forums specifically related to CSA problematic or
we don't want to make any comparison ASA-CSA survivors here and so on.
Would that be helpful at all?
I think that many guys are not aware of your problems and that you feel very isolated here (and in chat room too).
Some of survivors would certainly follow your wishes how to talk/write here, I'm sure in that.
Men_of_hrts.dbw I didn't notice that you deleted one of the most beautiful posts here - Firewall, just by reading your descriptions of nature, flowers, sounds of birds in trees and your insights to some specific moments like sunrise gave me feeling like being on Hawaiian island and I really liked that frown
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