"But we've been asking people with same-sex attractions to overcome something in a way that we don't ask of anyone else."
Says Alan Chambers who has just departed as one of the leaders of the Ex-gay movement Exodus, who's basic tenets say you can overcome same sex attraction with a combination of psychology and prayer.
Reported in the New York Times, July 8, 2012

Exodus leaders claimed its network of ministries had helped tens of thousands rid themselves of unwanted homosexual urges. (sort of like a really big dump).

Andrew Comiskey, founder and director of Desert Stream Ministries, based in Kansas City, one of 11 ministries that have defected. Why? According to his words and ideology its "for those with same-sex attraction seeking an authentically Christian hope." "due to leader Alan Chambers's appeasement of practising homosexuals who claim to be Christian"

What does that mean. That the two are mutually exclusive, there is no authentic christian sex to be had amongst men with men- you can think it but heaven help you if you JUST DO IT. Nike and Homo's be damned.

So again we have a schism of those who doggedly claim that it is not possible to be a "practicing homosexual" and a christian. It must be fun to be a practicing heterosexual clearly this is natural, better and acceptable to god and the heirarchy of eternal hope.

Mr Chambers, who left the gay life to marry and have two children, said gay Christians like himself faced a life-long spiritual struggle to avoid sin and should not be afraid to admit it. further virtually every "ex-gay" he had ever met still harboured homosexual cravings, himself included.

But one promimant repair therapy advocate claimed it had helped him confront emotional wounds and "my homosexual feelings began to dissipate and attractions for women grew". emotional wounds imposed upon him by who or whom. the church, family , society, and even his repressed sense of self. Sinful!

I applaud Mr. Chambers for his courage and evolved reasoning that this forcing a change of orientation is a shackle of shame put upon no other group on earth.

This position is extremely sensitive and painful with many who struggle with a sense of self and moreover acceptance of that. It makes it even more complex when there has been sexual abuse of the child who now his even bigger deamons to face.

I makes me realize that no matter what evidence or logic , there will always be an ex-gay movement because they use a toxic mix of a little psychobabble and a lot of biblebabble. Imagine if this was the 15th century and we were talking about whichcraft , try to reason with them that the acts of a midwife or person that uses herbs to heal were not the result of some ungodly act. Nature would have that the baby to die and the sick to parish, "it's god's will". But to this day with homosexuality or those that struggle with their sexual identity whether, bi, gay, trans or anywhere on the continuum are "unnatural and going against gods will". What utter bunk. Its for people to finally say "I call bullshit".

Its not enough that they believe it, but those beliefs are to be thrust upon the rest of us. Sadly there will always be people incapable of logic and understanding because to quote a wise man once, "if you could reason with hyper religious people, there would be no religiously intollerant people". They are entitled to believe as they wish, but shut the f**k up already!

Shame on THEM.

The need for love lies at the very foundation of human existence. Dalai Lama

WoR Barrie 2011