Tyr...It pisses me off. Ditto. Always the same instigators too.
Topics and comments with CSA comparisions should be removed by the forum moderator so we ASA members can have a SAFE place.
This is a unhealthy forum but l have nowhere else..I've looked.
I wonder if maybe this forum were restricted to ASA only...not dual CSA/ASA but only men with adult (16 YO) who were assaulted after their sexuality has been established.
Then threads with CSA issues immediatly be removed to the Male Survivor forum.
We need a safe forum.
My two best peer supporters of ASA who l used to communicate with here are gone...and others like me just felt bullied off the ASA Forum.
I even removed a non-conflictive beautiful post titled; Farewell, because l received PM's that hurt just prior from a CSA/ASA survivor. I reported it to Walking South and was told l could be banned for 30 days.
I conceded...l do not fight here.
I was even called a ds which is code l guess for "dick sucker"
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