I am a survivor and live in Farmville, VA. I have attended the ASCA support group in Raleigh since March of this year. It is a 2.5 hour drive for me each way two Saturday's a month which will occur again July 14 and 28. My experience has been extremely positive with that group even though it is both male and female. I am actively trying to organize a support group for Male Survivors somewhere in Central Virginia. Have posted on craigslist's Community Groups both in Lynchburg and Charlottesville and received little response. I am confident a group can be organized. Thinking the Lynchburg area could be a reasonable central location for many who would be able to drive up to one hour to meet... whether it be a weekday evening or weekend day/evening. I live 1 hour east of Lynchburg and as a business owner am confident I can arrange a good meeting place. I have discussed forming a more localized group with the facilitator of the ASCA Raleigh group... however I am interested in the group be for Male Survivors only. I know it can be done. Anyone who would like to assist, be part of the group in this area of VA or offer any suggestions please contact me. I know it will take sometime to get the group going but am confident it will happen. Thanks, Craig

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