Can anyone state what the organization, not the site itself, has done or is doing to advance the awareness and push for change in any arena concerning male ASA? I cannot see that MS really has made any steps at all in this direction in the years that I have been a part of things here. Again, I am not referring to the site itself but rather the organization that states it endeavors for the advancement of "male survivors of sexual abuse".

MS did not partake in the recent public outcries on male assaults in the military which I think was a huge mistake. There was a statement made about not making it a "gay issue" which went way over this man's head. Even though I am not military I was very disappointed that the organization did not at least put forward an official statement.

Other than some generic, not specific, changes in wording for the Weekends of Recovery literature I cannot find any public stances for male ASA. Are there any plans for the future? I keep hearing that it is up to us as ASA men to each make changes on our own or band together as a group to do so. I have no issue with that as I have beat the drum online and in my corner of the world for years.

I do think the organization should be tasked to take the reins as well. I find it a bit disheartening and hypocritical that we are asked to do so but the leading organization for male sexual abuse awareness does not.

I wish the MS Newsletter from when the new and outgoing presidents spoke a few years ago was still up on the site. In it both men spoke of the organizations neglect to the needs of ASA men and how changes were being planned to rectify this. I was amazed to see these leaders admit the shortcomings of the organization and to publicly vow to make things as they should be for the ASA population. I waited and waited but I never saw anything come of these statements. I wrote an email asking why this was so but never received a response. I have come to the point of being at peace without having a banner to walk behind in the parade of recovery. But there is a generation to come that will desperately need it. There are those out there right now that desperately need it.

I do not write this to offend or stir up a dust storm. If advocacy is a good thing to do "out there" I would think it would be just as appropriate "in here".


Broad statements often miss their true mark.