hey there, was wondering if anyone else on this forum has had to deal with an unplanned pregnancy of a girlfriend and subsequent ?abortion? I was molested by my older sister at around 9-10 years old. I survived that. I was 18 and had a very beautiful girlfriend. We were going out for about a year. For three-quarters of that time I was responsible for contraception, using condoms. I was vigilant. I always used a condom. we did not get pregnant. Then we went on to the pill. I say "we" because i think I still had an idea of what trust was. Anyway, after we broke up I get a call, I'm pregnant, Its because I haven't been taking the pill properly...

I felt violated deep inside but could not get angry. I think I thought the abuse was happening again... or something. I felt betrayed, powerless, and if I had put forward an opinion on the outcome of the pregnancy, I would have found my desires utterly irrelevent. Abortion is legal, it is a female issue, no-one gives a shit about male reproductive rights.

this situation and the way I stuffed all my feelings down inside to be yet again a strong male for a fucked up female finished me off in life. Just left with the guilt and the shame and the sense of extreme failure...

Is there a connection between abuse and abortion. The way it all swirls around in the mind. I was abused by my sister, then betrayed by my girlfriend, and if I had somehow had the god lkike strength to deal with that, and say I want this child, she would have said "Well, im going to kill your kid anyway and there is nothing you can do about it..." or something like that.

I have been buried by female shit in my family then in the world through this girlfriend and "female abortion rights" bullshit. It is all a total mind fuck. And all I ever hear in the media is - men are abusive, women are poor victims. men like abortion because they are irrespponsible by nature. No-one cares or is interested in what the male is going through at all. regarding previous abuse in childhood or the effect of the law on his dicision making or basic ability to express himself. For a man confronted with an unplanned pregnancy, the law legally proscribes him from taking responsibility. But all I here from the media is he's either a fuckwit or irrispnsible.

all very mind fucking indeed. Apologies for the profanity.

Can anyone relate to this scenario? Has anyone here been confronted with an unplanned pregnancy the outcome of which they feel powerless to determine, and triggering all this other childhood crap that leaves me debilitated and speachless and empty.

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