We have been so open with each other the last couple of months it's been almost unreal..lol I know we aren't ready to open our relationship up yet but let me tell you it's awesome being able to talk openly about everything but I have to admit it still catches me kind of off guard when my wife actually draws my attention to some guy walking down the street saying "Hey hun look at that".

For so many years I did all I could to avoid getting caught looking and now she is encouraging it. She knows I am very serious about eventually going through with it and she is ok with the idea other than being afraid of me running off with some guy.

she did some reading on some forums about woman that opened up their relationships for their Bi husbands and the husbands ran off with their partner and we talked about it, I explained to her that I am actually in love with her again, I trust her, I can talk to her about everything, she is also my best friend why would I leave? thanks for sharing your experience it's nice to hear about people who have done it and it worked out, it's very encouraging.