In 1966 I was sent to Starr Commonwealth for Boys in Albion Mi.
I had failed the 6th grade twice and had a poor home life, this
boy's school I had been sent to was a strange place, there were 13 yr. olds such as myself who had commited no crime(s) as well as 16 yr. olds who had stolen cars or commited robberies.
I was one of the lucky kids, the worst thing forced on me was some kid grabbing my penis or taking my hand and rubbing it on his, then there was the big kid who thought it was fine to stick his finger(s) in my butt, but I was lucky.
Everyday I remember the 12 yr. old who came along about 2 weeks after I did, I remember the 15 yr old getting into his bunk that was below mine, I remember how shocked I was when I finaly realised that the older boy was rapeing the 12 yr old,
I didn't know that guys could do this.
I remember the 18 yr old who came back for a visit, he was aloud to sleep in the dorm, he raped an 11 yr old.
I want to forget, to quit "dreaming" about the place, I am sick of being there.