I am just plain PISSED off anymore lately. Post-confrontation with someone who should REALLY have known better than to say what they said... I am ROYALLY pissed off. Mad enough that sis is even being careful of my temper right now and that is no good either.

Working on a letter. It's going to get submitted to a couple of local newspapers. Not attaching my name to it. Will be sending it anonymously. Hoping it will give me a good way to channel the rage into something constructive and maybe start chipping away at it until I've simmered down again.

And even if it never makes it into print, SOMEONE has to FARKING read it in order to turn it down, goddammit! So SOMEONE will have read it at least!

Been pounding the crap out of the heavy bag the last several days. Just plain, out and out, PISSED. F*ing sick and tired of being kicked in the teeth, and f*ing sick and tired of people shoving their goddamned heads up their arses to hide from the real world, just because they don't like it.

Fuck him. That is all.

I am fine. I just needed to blow off steam.

'Nuff said.

Adapt. Overcome. Survive.