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Hey guys

My question is how does one seek out an intimate, sexual relationship with a female after being sexually abused by one as a child?

I have had a love-less life, remaining celibate for many years after a few botched attempts at relationships and sex.

How do you conquer this demon after being alone for so many years?

Just start dating?

I wouldn't know where the hell to begin...

While I wasn't (physically) seksually abused by women, I was emotionally abused and neglected for sure.

So, I will tell you what NOT to do:

- Deny your feelings
- Assume the problem with women relationships is all in your head
- Turn off your feelings and come up with a strategy to marry a woman (basically behaving like the man you think woman want to marry)
- Connecting your self-worth to being desired by women
- Propose to the first woman that shows any kind of love toward you
- Keep all your past secret because to open up would jeopardize her loving and marrying you
- Live 20 years in a marriage being triggered and triggered by power struggles and control issues, and having to keep SECRETS because you withheld information about your past from her

So that's what NOT to do.... You know why I know....

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