I know that this trial for me has stirred up emotions, It has made me look at my abuse and the feelings and emotions that I went through when I was abused. There are many emotions that this type of public even can cause and I encourage you all to continue to post about how has affected you personally. I know that for myself i feel for the victims for than anything. I know that I do not understand how they feel because I am not in their shoes, but i can look at my own abuse and only wonder if they are feeling some of the same things. I feel that it is a traumatic day when anyone child or adult, male or female is sexually abused. My hope for the future is that no matter the circumstance that rape and sexual abuse gets the attention and justice that it deserves. Until that day, I am glad that the Survivor community is coming together to get the support they deserve in whatever ways they need. i believe that everyone is on their own journey and needs different things to heal.

Joshua Bytendorp