I have never seen this movie or the original release. I really have no desire to do so but I understand many comments made here. I have often suffered through movies simply to get to the ending and hopefully a sense of justice. I usually see those types of movies alone as not to show others how it may be affecting me.

When Taken was released I sat in the back of the theater on a Saturday afternoon. I was in the back of the room and there were not a lot of people there. It was a very well made movie but hard to watch a lot of the time. But I stuck it out to get some justice from the experience. I was very satisfied with the ending. Similar experiences have not ended so well when I see justice not truly being done and the ending left vague in that respect.

I used to wonder much of the time whatever became of the assailants who attacked me. I would picture them as dead, imprisoned, strung out on drugs and so on. I do not think nearly as often about this and I am very glad of that. I often would think of vengeance and still would like to see justice done. But since they were strangers I very seriously doubt I will ever learn their fates.

Justice is certainly something we need a lot more of in the world and on many different levels.

Broad statements often miss their true mark.