today is a ROUGH day. I just want to cry. I... got into it a bit with my therapist who thought he was being supportive by talking about CSA and I shut him down. I firmly said NO

Its not the same and dont talk to me like a 5 yr old boy who is sitting ina therapist office pointing at a no no spot on a doll.

The guys that raped me were adult cowards with low level cunning and would absolutely lose a one on one fight with in person.

adult male rape is VIOLENT more often than not.
It is not being molested.
It was Rape. someones penis went in me without my consent.
thats not just getting felt up for a popsicle.

grrr sorry I agree with twoofus... i have no more faith in the MH system. It doesnt fix anything. its not even worth it to engage
Once you hear the details of victory, it is hard to distinguish it from a defeat.