Whoa...some of the replies on this thread have offended me..why is it that many of the recent posts/threads here are constantly conflicted? Go back and look at them for the last six months and on other forums and you will read debates on CSA/ASA issues and conditions. A few have been cut by the Mod's.
This pushes ASA members away from being able to bond and heal..it has triggered isolation at a new level in my life.

If you ask me l believe CSA is much more damaging to survivors.
l have shared face to face countless times with both men,women and teenagers who survived different forms of sex crimes.
Even other survivors of serial killers and deadly assaults..l spent three weeks with a family in their home, they provided airfare to their State, they had three generations of incest..two of the sons are in Texas prison one for life the other is condemened. The grandfather did it all.
My best survivor brother also survived a serial killer and went to the execution in California. I have had four men crying on my porch. I had a woman share how SSA affected her hetrosexual identity. I have talked to lots of parents of young survivors and non-victims about hostage, rape and torture survival plus the post-sexual abuse/assault trauma common among survivors.
You'd be surprised how parents are uninformed about what to do when sex crimes become a reality. The guidelines put all this information one step in front of the victim.
Even sat in on an offenders program and discussed another side of this evil coin.
I have given freely to survivors, non-victims and professionals The 203 Survivorship Guidelines Series. I have a 149 page version all handwritten that l compiled to heal myself...then others wanted a copy. Its all about the message not the mess.
If you ask me..we are all sex crime victims...and the moment we tell someone we become a survivor.
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