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After I was gang-raped I was referred by a well-meaning therapist to a rape survivor group. I was treated far worse by those women than any other place I've ever been or by those I've told. I was treated like filth, as told my presence was offensive. I attempted suicide after that and spend many more months in a psych hospital and it inhibited me from telling anyone or trying to get help for almost a decade.

RHC, my jaw dropped when I reached this statement. I too was referred to a women's rape group to deal with my PTSD issues, the result of my being restrained, tortured, and raped by my father throughout my childhood. Hard to believe that, in the 21st century, 'professional' medical practices would refer male rape survivors to a women's rape group.

Your post is one of the most honest and eloquent posts I've seen on the site. Please post frequently, as you contribute a part of the conversation long overlooked.