This is a really, really big issue for me, and I hope those here can understand, but I am a writer and many of my characters are gay or are in gay situations or lifestyles. It is reflective of my own life, just as the stories often address adult men dealing with the after effects of abuse.

One of the biggest problems I have, I must admit, and I've been vilified by some other writers for it, is these writers of m/m or gay fiction, many of whom are female, portray male characters enjoying rape, or showing relationships with rape or non-com sex where the man eventually submits as being the indicative of gay relationships. Also, though certainly it happens, non-com or abusive sex is seen as normal or a part of every gay man's life.

Often it is portrayed "that ejaculation means 'wanting it'" as someone commented on another forum thread here, and then the person will be submissive and fall in love into what was effectively their rapist. I know some may just say this is fiction, their fantasy, but some people believe it and it affects how they treat those who have really been abused. It can also affects how gays are seen as a whole, that non-com sex is part of our regular lives. Is this the basis of why when someone who is gay comes forward to say they've been raped it is disbelieved or scoffed even more than heterosexual rape? Sometimes it is even turned into a "you liked it didn't you" situation because you may have ejaculated.

My point in asking is, do you feel some of this misrepresentation can be hurtful to abuse survivors or GLBTIIQ people who try to get help? If so, what do you think could or should be done about it...besides some writers like myself who try to write accurate views, the negative or positive, about gay life even if its fiction?
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