I am not upset that it is being aired. It pisses me off that those boys had to be put through that kind of hell.

That said - I view the Sandusky coverage as a "first step."

Step 1 - to start TALKING about it. Period!
While I fully agree that the only reason the Sandusky trial has seen so much coverage is because of Sandusky being a "celebrity", at the same time - it has gotten people to TALK ABOUT THIS!

You do not see coverage of male adult rape cases in the media, but even the women had to go through this delayed line of priorities and thoughts first. CSA of young girls became talked about LONG before adult rape of women did.

I have a feeling it is going to be the same thing with male ASA and male CSA.

MOST humans are naturally more inclined to pay closer attention to that which affects children. Therefore it stands to reason that male CSA will get the spotlight and be more openly talked about long before male ASA will be.

Do I like it? No! But it is what it is, and I can accept it as it is because to me, the simple fact that people are TALKING ABOUT THE CSA is a FIRST STEP on the road towards smashing down the walls that keep male ASA in shadows.

This is a MUCH NEEDED STEP towards getting male CSA *AND* male ASA dealt with in society.

ALL survivors of sexual abuse and rape, regardless of age or gender deserve the same healing. ALL survivors regardless of age or gender should be handled with the same respect.

They are not - which is WRONG! - male ASA surivors right now are where the women ASA survivors were about 40 years ago.

Male CSA survivors right now are where the female CSA survivors were about 20 years ago.

We are moving forward. 20 years ago the Sandusky case would have been in the news, but it would have been watered down, brushed over, gently swept across the newspaper headlines and been treated as an "open secret." it is NOT being treated as an "open secret" now, the boys are being spoken of, the details of the case is being TALKED ABOUT.

MALE sexual abuse is now being TALKED ABOUT.

That is a HUGE step!!

Male ASA will follow in time.

Adapt. Overcome. Survive.