I know it existed at least as far back as 1988. One of my brother's friends used to joke with us about it (I was in jr high). It just seemed so absurd that such a thing would exist.

For my work, we had a training specifically for dealing with our kids that act out sexually. Included was a CNN special report on pedophilia and pedophiles. They had interviews with various people in differing stages of denial. The worst ones, as you said, were the NAMBLA members. They had absolutely no concept of the damage they do to these kids.

But they also spoke to one guy who was in prison, undergoing treatment for his sexual assault; and another who sounded a lot like Harry: he had feelings, but had never acted on them. Both of these guys realized the damage they had (or could) cause. And these guys get my sympathy. I hope they find a way to deal with their feelings so that no one else gets hurt.

Then, they also spoke with perpetrators who had been released from prison, as they lamented their lot, having to inform their neighborhoods. One of them made an interesting point, however. He claimed it was "unfair" because we don't expect convicted murderers to inform their neighborhoods upon THEIR release. Our choices to make this fair, is to either repeal Megan's Law, or make convicted murderers do the same. I'll go for the latter.

Anyway, I found it really sick, how the NAMBLA members spoke about how "beautiful" the relationship is with these kids; it sounded like the sort of thing you would hear any person in my field (working in group homes with abused kids) talking about how much they loved their job. That just made it... really twisted and sick.

What I wonder is, how do these NAMBLA fucks stay so open about it, and not get caught by police???

BTW fatkid_1000pd, you should probably clear out your cache, history, etc of your browser. It is a crime in most states to have any child pornography on your computer. If it was somehow found, you could get jail time. I heard that when the Guardian Angels went looking for it, specifically so they could bust the makers of the pages, and the idiot police decided to bust the Angels...

We're in this together.

We're in this together. - Nine Inch Nails