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My sexuality is a beautiful asset that I have learned to own, claim, and share in meaningful ways that enhance and build my life. I've also learned ways of being intimate that are not sexual, and that has helped me build stronger relationships and a life far more meaningful than the wilderness I traipsed around in for years.

This quote was on the Male Survivors forum but I did not wish to hijack the thread so I added my thoughts here.

I absolutely liked this statement. I am thankful as a man who happens to be gay that I can say the same for myself. That after years of my own wanderings that I have found what you speak of here. And that I am capable of feeling and accepting deeper feelings from another. Casual sex does not interest me any longer but intimacy and making love appeal to me now. I never thought it possible and I am a bit stunned at myself now. But I oh so like it.

Broad statements often miss their true mark.