As this trial winds towards Sandusky being found guilty, is anyone else upset about it?

? Hmmm, no. I certainly cannot say I am upset about this trial winding down to what seems an inevitable guilty verdict. And I am not upset about the constant media coverage, although the subject of the coverage is by its very nature upsetting. Just because something is unpleasant does not mean it should not be dealt with openly and candidly.

I think the Sandusky trial is an enormously important story for CSA and ASA survivors alike. Would a CSA survivor be "pissed off" with similar coverage of a hypothetical trial involving adult male victims? Should he be?

With all respect, please be aware of the fact that the "constant coverage" is seen by many on the boards here as a much-overdue public reconciliation of a subject so few seemed to even want to acknowledge. Also be aware that this is not just a case about CSA. It is an indictment of an entire administrative empire (Penn State) which was well-entrenched in a culture of denial. A lot of people saw what was happening to these poor kids, and no one stepped up to the plate for YEARS. You don't have to look much further than the correctional facilities to see a similar pattern of denial with adult male rape.

Those poor kids were left to deal ALONE with what Sandusky did to them. You emphasize "disparity" which I find surprising. CSA or ASA - it is a theme I would think you would fully embrace, a public airing you would fully applaud. The blind eye and deaf ear to male victimization - whether a child or an adult - can be tragically similar.