Have you ever heard the phrase "Don't ask or I swear I'll tell you"? I feel like I just got into the that fight with the world.
Ever since I started on the road to healing myself and stuff I have wanted to work with peadophiles to help them stopo hurting themselves and others. Today I felt braver than normal so I took a virtual trip to see what was realy out there.
For somestrange reason I always had it in my mind that "they" hid in alleys wearing dark trench coats and concealing glasses. I thouhgt that they hid in darkness and only came out to feed. So, I thought when I went I would find all these hate pagees against peadophiles. Then I typed in and I found whole societies dedicated to it. I was in shock and horror to find out that they claimed it was healthy, and that it was NORMAL. I don't feel normal. Noone asked me if it was even okay that they even are still reconized as male. I could wade through one of their pages becoming so angering I started to cry. TRhen I came to this link that took me to I think a russian or ukrainian page. And I saw all these guys smiling haveing a good time. Thne another one off the picutres cam e through and it was this boy.
DAMNIT why don;t they stay in the shadows. And who gave them the right to exisit. Why? Why aren't people more angry about this? Why aren't people rioting becasue this exsistys. Why are they just ignorijng it. Then I saw that the ACLU even defended them. They siad it was there first amendment right to exsit. When the founders of thsi country said we have the right o assemble they didn't mean them surly. Then these guys on the website looked happy that there face was now there. I don't know what the page said, but its jsut thta they were so bold to say "Hay look at me I rape little boys and what are you goiugn to do?" Why is this the first I have heard of this. It should be blasted of the face of the earth. No one has the right. IM SO ANGRY!!!!!! Im so frustrated that people are doing nothing. Im mad that even now I can't stop crying.
The whole thing was NAMBLA (north american men boy laover assosiation (I think)
I guess anotehr thing that makes me so mad is that this is just the surface. What lies beneth? This is so public, I know that there is a dark side, but how deep does it go? Is there even a point to helping them?
The funny thing is is that the other day I was starting to have sympathy for some of them. Saying that is a sickness that they can't help, but the way they looked it makes me sick. they didn't look like they wanted help.
Ive got to go, it took me about an hour to write this and I feel so tired.
Good night God bless

This above all: to thine own self be true,And it must follow, as the night the day,Thou canst not then be false to any man.