Overheating like a town I s Africa. Shutting down emotionally and physically. About to give up. Giving some my stuff away, feel so alone unloved and un cared about by the woman I thought I could depend on. That hurts most . If she told me that she was molested by a family friend for a number of years and had u convinced that that went on between you was normal and that every guy does it. It feels good it's only sex, don't be a pussy. Teaches you hoe to be a hustler for money, give head that they'll beg for you. And how to be fucked without it hurting much. Marty and at 21 get raped rotisserie style with a knife at your throat. In case u don't know, that means one in your mouth, and one up your ass. Then they switch. I went home showered and never said a word for 38 years. Gee Mark, why can't u sleep.?

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