Southern baptist pastor comes out and defends the pres on his support of gay equality and upholds the constitution. Saw this today:

These truths are self evident:

ALL men are created equal No greater words may have ever been written in the history of humanity.
The pastor further goes on to ask why so much lighting of ones own hair on fire, it will change nothing, it does not affect you, why does it bother you SO MUCH1
If you listen he implies exactly the point i was trying to make with this thread. YOU may have some issues yourself.

There have been a few politicians not supporting LGBT equality cuz it would " shines a light" on them, and that was the last thing they wanted. A couple have come out. Often when not seeking re-election.

It is really great to see this whole is concept is now being supported by so many quarters.

Again its not to say al homophobia means your secretly gay, it doesnt. Sometimes as the pastor says its based on fear of the unknown. Just that so much disproportionate fuss raises so many questions. So when you hear this stuff, like Mr. Bachman, and so many more of that ilk. Perhaps we can now see that its really time for them to Look inward not out.
The need for love lies at the very foundation of human existence. Dalai Lama

WoR Barrie 2011