Hi Steve,

After admitting even the possibility of being abused, one's nerves get raw and sensitivities increase exponentially.

Step back and try to engage in things that you find soothing or calming.

Go for a walk, spend time with friends (especially your four footed, finned, feathered, or scaled friends). If music, tv, etc., are triggering, try to find something than those past times for a while.

Many of us were taught to be "stoic." "Do NOT express emotions!!" "Emotions (aka: crying) make you weak!!"

That is a bunch of lies - harmful lies and they prevent you from healing.

Let yourself cry and express the other emotions of pain, agony, confusion, betrayal, etc. You have good reason to be upset.

Let it out.

The more you let yourself express your feelings (without hurting yourself), the healthier you will be.

For those of us who incorporated those messages and who believed them, doing the above is difficult. We fight with all of our being not to cry or even let ourselves feel the pain.

We work against ourselves without realizing it.

So, let it out.

We will be here to hear your cries and to help soothe your pain.

Acceptance on someone else's terms is worse than rejection.