Been off of here a while. finally got the courage to disclose the abuse from family friend and rape at 21. expected support and love. not happening. my wife thinks that me going back to a shrink is not about the abuse and rape, but that i am going because i want to leave her. explained that that is not true or the case, but that I need help. I have put on over 30 pounds since telling her, can't sleep and at times, ready to check the fuck out. feels like then she will believe that I am hurting and need help. don't know what the fuck to do. I am surprised that thtis has been her reaction. i am trying to be better and more "here". memory is going, dissociating a lot and don't know which end is up. anyone have this reaction????? first i thought it was about money that we don't have but my copay is only $5. WTF?