Hi Jay, welcome to Male survivor!
Please take it easy and learn what resources are available for us here. There are a lot of questions regarding orientation and same sex attraction in part of the board "Ask the Sex Doc":
Regarding pornography addiction I can relate because I've been hooked to it, usually I've start with straight and finished with gay porn and that brings me a lot of bad feelings. In my case that certainly complicate my situation. I use it to escape from reality, like sort of numbing. In any case too much and compulsive watching of porn can't bring nothing good. Question is what are feelings in background that drive us to escape into world of fantasy. I'm more prone to get there if I'm under some stress or in some hopeless situation.
Please take care of yourself and look how to connect to this community. I've been benefiting a lot from sharing experience and giving support to others.
Be well!
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