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I care.

I am also saddened someone from MS would make an evil post such as "want pity" No, I think just common decency.

I hope you make it through to disability!! or Universal Health Care.

Is there any way to be added to an employed friend's insuranc as an SO?

Or if you could somehow afford it; travel to another country for your much needed surgery.

What about going to a hospital in a state in USA that cannot by law refuse to treat and just get admitted and tough s**t once you're admiited. I think California must treat.

I care and I wish I knew of some way I could help.



Thank you so much. Under federal law, called EMTALA, all an ER (that says ER) has to do is treat to stabilize just like you were a paying patient. I'm sure many delay treatment if you're not paying but that's a violation too. Now, if you're pregnant and about to pop out a baby, they'll deliver. If just in labor, they can move you to a non-profit hospital. I knew two women that happened to. It happened to me in Nov. 2011. Not to mention the charge nurse didn't take a possible heart attack seriously at all. Truth is, if the doc thinks you are stabilized, they can tell you to get lost. That happens many times daily all over America. Hospitals routinely patient dump including the ones with big crosses claiming Jesus on top of their buildings. Sacred Heart in Pensacola is one of them. An example - if you walk in with a broken ankle, all they have to do is stabilize. Set it, wrapped it, that's it. If it legitimately needs surgery, they should do it, but plenty of stories out there where they lied to the patient and didn't. Read one last fall about a guy with a back injury that was refused treatment in his ER. I told him to call a lawyer. He's now suing. Good luck to him. Thanks again for the kind words.

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