I am glad that you brought this forward here. I have often said that I am very disappointed with the therapeutic community. I will always appreciate the therapists I had over the years and especially my last one. But as a whole they have failed us. I think part of it has to do with finances - there is not a lot of money in it apparently. Perhaps it is not a popular bandwagon to jump on or to even put the wagon together in the first place.

I have made the rounds for years with little to no success. For every therapist I had I was their first client who was an adult male who had been raped. None flinched or ran from me which was a good thing.

I think your thoughts and plans are valid ones and worth the effort. I hope your correspondences bring forth some fruit. One day I may take up the cause again but for now I am pretty much worn down from the struggle of knocking on doors. My knuckles became too sore and bloody.

Broad statements often miss their true mark.