bodyguard , From the previous post on Homophobia, thank you for providing the personal insite you shared with us. The self clarity you have come to is something we can all aspire to.

This is the apology Robert Spitzer just released

Dr Spitzer has asked NARTH not to use his original paper and video cuz the ex gay possibility conclusions are not in the context of the original purpose of the paper.

Spitzer asks how these EX-GAY groups continue to give weight and creedance the scientific basis their posistion based on this one study they have been citing that has now been discounted. "how do they live with themselves? " Spitzer asks.

He goes on "they are full of hatred of homosexuality, really, they dont respond ethically"
He encourages men "if they are homosexual , face up to it and become more comfortable".

Homosexuality is "not changeable any attempt to change is misguided, any attempt will likely be disappointing and harmful".

So there you have it. Even the term Exgay is a term they came up with as is the term same sex attraction, this implies that you can leave the gay behind, somehow evolve from it. That the previous gay is less than the new not-gay.

I like the idea of just accepting what you are.

What I earlier said and i stand behind it is that the EX GAY movement has no cred. California has just banned this form of moneymaking therapy cuz there is no basis for it in science and the key article they use to support their unfounded claims has been asked by its author, see above, to desist from using unfounded conclusions from his work as the basis of their tenets.

“The California legislature has taken the right step in making sure that young people are protected from these unscrupulous therapists who are really engaging in therapeutic deception that is based on junk science,” Equality California's Rebekah Orr told CNN.

The National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), a group which promotes the therapy, called the measure “another triumph of political activism over objective science.”

So here you have NARTH creating its own reality. It is completely unevolved.

What Spitzer says that is that you cannot say unequivically that ALL gay people can NEVER change , just that it is excedingly unlikely and no where near the success rate these Ex-Gay groups claim. Further, only a mature adult can make a choice to chose this path under their own volition. Youths , however, need to be protected from this less than scrupulous "Therapy".

As the popcorn pops some start early , most in the middle and then a few burnt stragglers. There will always be a few that know early, most in the middle and some realize their orientation later. Some likely will remain unpopped.

I would never contend that there cannot be exceptions, there clearly can. But the machinery around EX GAY and groups like NARTH et al. Its time to put those in the dust bin of history, and certainly on this site where the goal is to come to acceptance of who we are, what ever we are.

Not as the Ex Gay group would have you believe, that there is a better alternative if you only just work hard enough, cuz gay ain't the way.

No tone intended. Just honesty.

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