This is a link to a great resource . You can put it on an ipod mp3 player it is a podcast or just listen to it from your pc daily . What this site does is it goes through a couple of scriptures daily and they go through the whole bible in a year. They read a part of the old ,than the new testament and a proverb and palms.

It is very peaceful and relaxing and at the end of every reading people have a chance to call in with encouragement and prayer for the body of Christ . You have the opportunity to pray for each other and lift one another up in Christ and you quickly realize there are all kinds of people with hardship and this helps because this abuse things is so isolating and you can begin to see just how so many things effect us all . This is a great devotion

I have listen to it for a couple of months now and it is truly truly something special . check it out

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