In some ways I'm just closing out one of the toughest weeks I've known. One of the guys here who pushes me says life happens, and there are no excuses not to deal. It gets better when we deal and fix things, not sit back stuck in fear or pain.

This week had zero to do with me, everything to do with a loved one. I wanted control I wanted answers and really still have neither. But I did good getting through it. Not perfect, yea the fear and anxiety crept in, but I fought it off pretty good, and friends helped me. Those friends are neighbors who value us, and a couple guys here who show daily they would do anything to aid in OUR recoveries.

That small group from MS that I lean on are just like you or me. But each has made huge strides in recovery. It's been nothing but hard work, desire, focus and great peer support.

Don't stay stuck. Stay clear of negativity. Lean on the right people. Believe in yourself. Accept that life happens and realize it does get better.

"You can get far in life by pushing except through a door marked PULL...." Profile quote in my son's senior year HS Yearbook.