Morning. I'm new to this forum and look forward to having the insights and support offered here. I was abused by my female nanny starting around age 6. After years of acting out, I started to deal with my pain and (often) co-dependent behaviors. It's destroyed my marriage of 27 years, finally dealing w reality and being aware that I can be a whole person without acting out with lies, insecurities, infidelity, and failure after failure on the brink of success.

Few believe or understand what I'm dealing with and how my entire being has been effected by something over which I've had little to no control. My wife and kids are estranged, and I am moving on, probably to a new city and career elsewhere. I've found.a wonderful woman who understands and accepts me and my desire to move on without the burdens of the past. I'm happy and.feel fulfilled, but the changes to my personality based on my new understandings have made my previous friendships and marriage untenable.

I'd be interested in hearing from others. Why is it so hard for others to understand and accept this reality?