Hello all,

I wanted to share with you the following statement I issued on our FB and twitter pages this morning reacting to Gen. Amos' internal memo that was reported on widely today:


"We salute and support General Amos for taking such a clear and powerful stance on the issue of abuse in the military.

The number of male victims of abuse in all branches of our armed services is far under-reported. We stand ready to give any support and assistance we can to all who wish to address this cancerous epidemic. In order to have the best fighting force in the world, they must also be the healthiest. Without addressing the issue of abuse, and providing more support to those who have been harmed, we will be fighting enemies both without and within."
Please note, as of September 2016 I am no longer Executive Director. However due to a bug in UBB software that is still unresolved this label can't be removed.