Hey Gary, actually I've been written in first place some stuff but after couple of minutes I decided not to post it, now I'll type it again smile
I can give you other perspective and how is here...
First let me tell you that I'm coming from touching culture, meaning showing affection publicly is appreciated and we don't have set up some strong public moral frame on sexual issues. And especially towards kids we are very protective and affectionate. In same respect we tend to feel much care and compassion for victims of any abuse. Our cultural values are mainly connected to family, meaning that we all have some kind of barrier if some stuff is implied from outside. Especially if there is some false moral included.
So regarding broader picture, we consider "society" as a little bit immature to interfere into our personal matters, especially in some complex issues like intimacy (including sex, love and orientation). So we put some values high on scale and out of reach of some interfering from outside, meaning even that some open discussion is not welcomed there. This also means that impact of media in "valuable" maters to us is not strong, we actually don't like it.
For example it is outrageous even to think in case of sexual abuse that some victims "wanted it", regardless of sex, age, orientation or whatsoever of victims. We consider such thinking as too harmful towards victims (we are always trying to be protective). Same goes to homophobic stance in case of some abuse. And even we are conservative society (meaning sometimes hostile to "different" people like LGTB) there is never been raised issue like that in public in case of some abuse. Somehow we are very sensitive against any kind of violence and safety and well being of victims is always priority.
But in some cases like gay parade there is always open discussion, is it appropriate, is it too offensive for some conservative and religious people or whatsoever. And in one part of country (the most conservative and right oriented) we have had even violence and clash against gay parade. At other side, in same city couple of years ago people have found pedophile at public place taking pictures of children and almost killed him and police actually saved him.
My story